Empowering one of the fastest
growing unicorns to scale globally

The Situation

We started working with Lime in October 2017. At the time, they were a 4-month-old company named "LimeBike" driven by operations and BD. They were already growing quickly but they needed serious help scaling globally across all their channels.

The Solution

We worked with Lime very closely, embedding our leadership team as their Interim Head of Design for 6 months to helped them scale their design execution from 5 to 150+ markets around the world. We helped them develop design templates for all their major customer touch points, streamline their internal design processes and manage their outsourced design contractors to help them scale to a $2B+ valuation.

How we helped

  • Interim Design Leadership
  • Brand Identity
  • Design System
  • Website Design
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Email Design
  • Global Signage
  • Global Collateral
  • Product Design

We helped LimeBike rebrand to Lime and develop brand guidelines to be used across all major customer touch points to ensure a more cohesive experience for consumers.

We created a design system for Lime to roll out collateral to over 150+ markets worldwide.

In 6 months we worked on 532+ projects and generated 12K+ assets for Lime across marketing, brand, sales, safety, and product initiatives.

"Powerhouse helped Lime take our brand to the next frontier with lightning quick, quality work at global scale."

CAEN CONTEE Co-founder & VP of Marketing, BD,
Intl Expansion @ Lime

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